Residential Visits

Annual residential visits are offered to our older children.

These multi-activity breaks provide a huge range of thrilling adventure activities designed to help children build confidence, learn new skills and strengthen friendships.

Our Year 6 children join together with the Year 6 children from the other five local primary schools, to visit Scarborough for three nights and four days.

Our Year 4 and 5 children, visit Netherside Hall for a two-day residential. Positioned within three miles from school, the enrichment camp offers an extensive program of activities within its grounds.

Our strong links with Netherside Hall, also provide an outstanding setting for our annual sports day.

School Trips

School trips are used in school to enhance the learning in the classrooms. Educational visit happen at various times over the year. If the school trip requires a coach and/or a entry fee we will sometimes ask for a donation from parents/carers. This amount will depend on the cost per-pupil for the trip.