As part of the local community we:

  • Have fun at art/craft and music workshops at the Grassington Festival in summer.
  • Visit the elderly at Threshfield Court and entertain them with songs over the year. 
  • Participate in all sorts of sports activities with our local cluster schools: The Upper Wharfedale Federeation and Boyle Petyt Primary School. Our teams are strong, but, in an area where rugby is at the heart of the community, sportsmanship is key.
  • Celebrate Christmas at our carol service at St. Michael and All Angels’ Church in Linton. Every Year 6 and Year 5 child either reads part of the Christmas story or a poem or prayer. Parents and family members join with staff and the vicar in a wonderful celebration which is embraced by the whole school community.
  • Maypole dancing in Grassington Square.
  • Use the Devonshire Institute to perform our school productions

As part of a wider community we:

  • Travel by coach subsidised by the “Chips for Trips” scheme run by The Fountaine Inn. The 40p donation from every portion of chips sold amounts to a lot of money! (About £13 per child!)
  • Go on planned educational visits that support our topics and enable to experience new challenges.
  • Participate in a variety of sports activities with Craven area schools. We do surprisingly well for a small school because pupils, parents and staff aim high.
  • Have an annual Year 6 residential trip with pupils from local cluster schools, helping build friendships for secondary schools.
  • Have an annual Year 4 & 5 residential trip with pupils at Netherside Hall, an outdoor adventure centre.