At Threshfield Primary School every child matters. Every moment counts. 

I love how integrated all the year groups are – my reception child knows other from all years.


• We aim to ensure that all children achieve their full potential, both personally and academically.

• We aim to secure happiness and success, ensuring our pupils have the confidence to respond to change, by providing a culture of positive behaviour and safety which inspires and fosters high aspirations.

• We aim to provide a calm, supportive atmosphere and set high standards of respect, courtesy, hard work and achievement for all children and adults.

• We aim to provide a meaningful, stimulating and engaging curriculum that motivates children to become fully involved in their own learning.

• We encourage children to make decisions for themselves and acquire the skills to become independent learners.

• Through our school organisation and curriculum, we aim for children to value and recognise the uniqueness and achievement of every member of our school family.

• We aim to promote British values and attitudes of care, tolerance, trust and respect within the school and wider communities and an understanding and tolerance of the beliefs of others.

• We pledge to work in partnership with parents in accomplishing our aims.


  • We educate the whole child to achieve their very best, making academic, emotional and social progress
  • We are unstinting in our drive to maximise outcomes for all our children, benchmarking our successes against excellence
  • We instil the passion to pursue personal strengths
  • We develop rounded personal skills, building resilience and preparing youngsters well for future challenges and their next steps in life
  • We provide a supportive school environment where children can grow into well rounded, informed and aware individuals
  • We hold the strongest regard for individuals and their well-being


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