National Poetry Day 2017 - Freedom

Freedom – National Poetry Day at Threshfield

Celebrating National Poetry Day, this year's theme of 'Freedom' was marked by a whole school poetry writing workshop where pupils read and listened to poems on this inspiring theme, resulting in some  impressive work, now published on the school website.

Poetry provides such a crucial gateway into appreciating works of great literature which our children should 'own' by the time they leave primary school; days like these serve to ignite and capture our pupils' imaginations perfectly.

This whole school approach enabled pupils from Reception to Year 6 to work together and respond in a variety of different ways to such an interesting theme, sparking innovative and, at times, philosophical ideas.

After performing their own work to their peers, pupils were then delighted by a surprise visit from Barney, the Barn Owl and Dory the Eagle Owl who both hail from The Coniston Falconry Centre.