At Threshfield Primary School, we are committed to teaching our pupils to be-come skilled readers who develop a comprehensive understanding of words, language and texts as they move through school. They learn to read and then read to learn. Through using a range of strategies, our aim is to ensure that pupils develop a love of reading so that they can read for purpose and for pleasure. We provide pupils with a range of strategies in order to do this. Our schools reading information is presented within the booklet below. 

One of our greatest aims at Threshfield Primary School, is to promote a love of reading within all the children. One of the ways we achieve this, is by setting our children reading challenges across Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6). Encouraging children to try a variety of books is achieved through the 'Reading Bucket List'. Children try to read as many of the books assigned to their year group as they can within the year. Once children have completed a book, they complete a Book Review and their achievement is rewarded with a certificate given out during our Celebration Assembly. The book lists can be found below.