Red Kites

Welcome to the Red Kites' class. There are 19 children from Years 5 & 6 in this class. English and Maths are taught every morning by Mr Cook and afternoons are organised as follows: PE with Kanga Sports on Monday, Science with Mrs Whitaker on Tuesday, Topic with Miss Alexander on Wednesday, French and RE/PSCHE with Mrs Davidson and Miss Alexander on Thusday, Flying School activities followed by Music with the music specialist on Friday. Mrs Clark, Mrs Davidson and Mrs Eddy are the teaching assistants working in class throughout the week.

In Red Kites each pupil develops their independence, resilience and ownership of learning. This helps them develop as confident, effective, responsible individuals with a clear sense of themselves as lifelong learners. Our vibrant curriculum encourages children to develop and think creatively, using higher order thinking skills to challenge their naturally inquisitive minds.

The Curriculum for Spring Term 1 2018

Maths: In maths this half term we will be continuing our mathematical journey by consolidating the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; working on mental strategies as well as written methods. We are aiming for mastery in these operations and being able to apply them in word problems, including multi-step problems. Towards the end of the term we will spend some time on statistcs and different ways of representing statistics, as well as being able to analyse them.

Literacy: Spelling, grammar and punctuation work this half term will be ongoing.  In Writing our focus is on functional writing. Within Reading; we will be continually working on interpreting and analysing texts and poems. Guided reading groups will further our reading skills as well as analytical skills. Our class novel this term is Beowulf.

Topic: Our topic this half term will be Invaders and Settlers.


Art: Art this term will be learning about Aboriginal art - with a focus on pattern and colour.

Science: For the Spring term, we are studying Light.

French: Mrs. Davidson will be teaching French to Red Kites on Thursday afternoons.