Welcome to the Kingfishers' class; where learning is fun and children are happy. There are 16 children from Reception and  Year 1 in the class, working with their teacher Miss Coulton and their teaching assistant, Mrs. Sharp along with our wonderful team of volunteers who help to provide a stimulating learning environment.

Curriculum Outline - Summer 2018

The following information is a brief summary of what your child will be learning this half term. Teachers plan to ensure full coverage of the Early Years foundation Stage for reception and the National Curriculum for years 1-6. Subjects are linked together to make learning interesting and fun. Teachers give children work that is matched to their ability, assessing them frequently, to ensure they have an accurate picture of each child’s understanding. If you are able to support some of these activities by encouraging your child to find out more or bring resources in to school we would be very grateful and it would also help to motivate your child. Thank you.


This term we are looking a range of stories by the same Author. We are looking at different characters, settings and our focus is to use interesting words in our sentences.


We will be looking at 2-digit numbers and different ways of representing these. We will be measuring using standard and non-standard units. We will be recording heights and lengths.

Science: Plants

Topic: Journeys ( History link old and new vehicles)

PHSE: Relationships

Physical Development: Ball skills

Religious Education:  

MFL: French



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