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Whilst the Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation and management of the school on a day to day basis, overall responsibility lies with the Governing Body.  This includes assisting with the appointment of staff, having oversight of the curriculum and ensuring that the premises and finances of the school are efficiently and effectively used.  

The Governing Body, as a whole, meets regularly throughout the year, in addition to the meetings of its various sub-committees. All Governors are also linked to aspects of our current School Development Plan, which they monitor through visits to school and discussion with staff. Members are either elected (parent governors) or appointed (community and foundation members) and each hold a given term of office.

Governor Details Term exp Role Committees Register of Interests

Peter Cannings

Additional Governor

30.6.18 Chair School Improvement  

Richard Cook

Headteacher Governor


Bethany Alexander

Staff Governor

1.9.19 SEN School Improvement  

Grant Mallalieu-Black

LA Governor

31.8.17 Vice Chair  Finance Personnel and Resources  

Peter Huff

Foundation Governor



Complaints and staff discipline

Finance Personnel and Resources


Michael Harrison

Foundation Governor


School Improvement

Complaints and staff discipline


Sophie Caygill

Parent Governor



Safeguarding and Child Protection

School Improvement

Head teachers performance


Angela Canning



7.6.21 Pupil Premium Governor

School Improvement

Finance Personnel and Resources



Hannah Peace

Parent Governor

10.10.20 Clerk of Finance

Finance Personnel and Resources

Head teachers performance


Natasha Midgely

Parent Governor


Chair of Finance

SEN Governor

Finance Personnel and Resources  

Andy Coe




School Improvement


Liz Singleton

Additional Governor

30.6.18 National Leader of Governance School Improvement  
Chris Davey   Clerk    

The term of office for a governor is 4 years, except the headteacher governor which is 2 years.

The term of office for the chair, vice-chair and chair of committees is one year.

*The LA Governor is appointed until the appointment of their successors, which can take place at any time following the County Council and Local elections, usually four years

Committees of the Governing body

Finance Personnel and Resources: Natasha Midgely, Grant Mallalieu-Black, Hannah Peace, Peter Huff, Richard Cook,  Peter Cannings, Angela Canning

School Improvement and Development Committee: Sophie Caygill, Richard Cook, Bethany Alexander, Angela Canning, Michael Harrison, Liz Singleton

Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee: Grant Mallalieu-Black, Sophie Caygill, Hannah Peace

Complaints Appeal, and Staff Discipline Appeal: Peter Huff, Michael Harrison,

Link Governors:

Safeguarding Governor: Sophie Caygill

Pupil Premium Governor: Angela Canning

Induction Governor: Grant Mallalieu-Black

Child Protection Governor: Sophie Caygill

Audit Data Governor: 

Website Governor & Website Policy Monitoring: Sophie Caygill & Bethany Alexander

SEND Governor: Bethany Alexander

Governor Monitoring on School Development Plan 1617: Advising on the SDP, RC confirmed five sections / areas for monitoring SDP and governors were appointed accordingly:

1: Effectiveness of Leadership & Management: 

2: Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment: 

3: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare: 

4: Outcomes for Children and Learners: 

5: The Effectiveness of Early Years Provision: Quality and Standards: